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Project Description
Implementation of WS-Enumeration specification (W3C member submission version) to transfer large files in chunks (C#).

Supports 'checkpoint-restart' capability.

Allows use of WCF/WS* protocols for security, reliability, inegrity, etc. for large files.

Updated see sister project for large file uploads

Updated to W3C September 09 Working Draft

Contains the following projects:

SLWSEnum - Silverlight 3 library containing a file download UserControl that can be embedded in a page. The control uses a client based on the WS-Enumeration WSDL and supports retry logic for reliable file download.

SLWSEnumClient - Test Silverlight 3 application using the file download control from above

WSEnum - ASP.Net website hosting the WCF file transfer service and monitoring pages and the test download silverlight application

WSEnumFileTransferClient - Sample client showing the use of WS-Enumeration spec to download files

WSEnumInterfaces - Contains interface code compiled from the WSDL/schemas.
Note: WS-Enumeration is a generic interface i.e. it is loosely typed.
For this project the schema was modified to make the service tightly typed for file transfers
for easier implementation and code generation. It still conforms to the WS-Enumeration spec

WSEnumMonitorClient - An Silverlight project to support monitoring of file transfers
using the WS-MakeConnection / PollingDuplexHttpBinding.

WSEnumTestSuite - Test project containing regression tests

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